High Quality Purebred

Our West Highland White Terriers are healthy and loved. Breeders for 10 years, and not one health problem. Our Terriers are true to the breed.


Westies are known to be friendlier and easier to handle than other breeds. They are light hearted, friendly, happy and very intelligent.


Due to their intelligence, high alertness and curiosity, west highland white terriers are easier to train than other breeds if training is started early.

About Our High Quality Purebred West Highland White Terriers

Hi, thanks for checking out our West Highland White Terrier Puppies. Forty years ago our family adopted a little westie puppy.  His name was Duffy and he loved to play,  and he loved to be held,  and he was full of love and always happy. He was very healthy, and lived to be sixteen years old. I  don't remember him ever being sick,  not once. I didn't know it then but West Highland White Terriers are known for having very consistent good health with no hereditary health problems. They are also known to be non shed, non alergenic to people who have allergies to dogs. So westies are a perfect dog to get if you have allergies to dogs.

Twelve years ago,  as my back was starting to hurt from many years of hard labor my wife and I were looking for a dog, I told her about my West Highland White Terrier "Duffy". She started doing her research and found out about all the qualities and longevity of westies and especially since we loved to walk long walks and they were strong enough to keep up.

We did research on breeders and found one that their dogs were pets and even responded to their names, and so we bought a little female westie puppy and we still have her today and she is happy and healthy as can be even at twelve years old.  Shortly after buying her, we bought a little male westie and decided to breed them.

Anyway ten years later we are still breeding West Highland White Terriers and have had many high quality,  healthy,  happy, westie puppies without any health problems or returns of any kind. Praise God! What a happy,  healthy,  fun loving breed of dog is the West Highland White Terrier.

west highland white terriers seahawk fans
cute West Highland White Terrier puppy
cute West Highland White Terrier standing alert

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If you are looking to own your own West Highland White Terrier, please contact us. If you are in Washington State and Oregon, we have a Westie for you. Thank you for you interest in our Terriers and we look forward providing you with our quality, purebred, West Highland White Terriers.


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